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Everything is EnergyQuantum physics has proven that “everything in the world”, including the human body, is made up of energy. Energy vibrates and the speed at which the energy particles vibrate determines how solid the matter is. This way, the energy particles in a rock vibrate at a much slower speed than those in a human body.

All matter, including rocks, trees and the human body, is surrounded by energy fields. These energy fields are called the “aura” and surround our physical body in all directions. The energy particles in our energy field vibrate much faster than the ones of our physical body, and that is why most people can’t see the aura.

The aura extends beyond our physical body and interpenetrates the body like water penetrates a sponge. This is why an energy imbalance or blockage, if left untreated, manifests as a physical, mental or emotional disorder. In fact, every physical disorder starts in our energy system.

Our energy fields are not isolated. In fact, they overlap the energy fields of other people, animals and everything that is in our surroundings. Because those energy fields are made up of energy particles, exchange among the overlapping energy fields occur. This can greatly affect our energy fields and our health.

Energy therapies are used to bring our energy system back into balance removing any blockage and getting the energy flowing properly again. Some energy therapies work on the energy fields that surround the physical body, others work on the energy fields in our body and others in both.

TAFE Energy offers a wide variety of holistic services specifically designed to bring, and keep, your energy system balanced, and helps you live a healthy life. Health is achieved through the perfect balance of all dimensions of the human being: mind, body and soul, while living in harmony with its environment. TAFE Energy also offers holistic services aimed to keep your space filled with uplifting energy, among them feng shui and dowsing sessions.

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