Energy Protections

Scientists now recognize that everything, including human beings, is made up of energy. Energy is ever changing and moving and our aura, the energy field that emanates from us, is not an exception of this rule. As a result, our aura is continuously affected by the energy fields of those who surround us and by our environment. In few words, there is a continuous exchange of energy between our aura and the energy that surround us.

Negative people will “take” your positive energy in exchange for their negative energy. As a result, you may feel drained, tired, depressed, sad, fearful and, depending on the extent of the exchange, you may even face bad luck.

Hatred, revenge, and jealousy are some negative feelings that affect our auras, our delicate energy balance and our health. Most of these “negative exchanges” happen without the conscious knowledge of the “attackers”. There are, however, people who consciously target others with the only purpose to harm them.

It is important to note here that babies and young children are especially vulnerable since their auras are weaker.

We cannot “isolate” ourselves to avoid these situations, but we can protect our auras and ourselves using specially designed “energy protection” accessories and techniques. People using such accessories frequently express feeling calmer, peaceful, grounded, being able to focus better and with fewer mood swings.

TAFE Art offers handcrafted jewelry for women, men and children in various styles and collections to fit your energy needs and desires.

Creativity, positive energy, light and the passion of sharing high level vibrations to make this a better World come together through delicate work to create beautiful accessories to protect your aura and energy system.

We use a wide variety of materials including silver, crystals, stones and seeds. Below you will find some examples of them. We hope you will enjoy them.


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