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Crystal Therapy at Tafe Holistic Center
"Energy therapies” is a term used to identify alternative treatments involving the use or manipulation of the person’s energy fields to heal the person at every level, including his/her physical body. Quantum physics has proven that “everything in the world”, including the human body, is made up of energy. An energy unbalance or blockage, if left untreated, manifests as a physical, mental or emotional disorder.

Aromatherapy at Tafe Holistic Center in Orlando FloridaThere are many different categories of energy therapies and their modality frequently vary depending on the healer.

At TAFE Holistic Wellness Center we taylor our energy treatments to each person considering his/her specific situation and needs, which often results on energy sessions that include a combination of two or more energy therapies. We offer a comprehensive set of energy therapies which includes:


  • Angel Therapy - This therapy is based on the principle that each of us can get in touch with light beings who can guide us to harmonize our magnetic center, to heal every aspect of ourselves and to find peace. This allows us to balance the inner self and outer self, seeking a balance between “to love and be loved”.
  • Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment using natural plant oils, including essential oils, to balance the energy system and bring harmony into the body, mind and soul. It is used while deep relaxation and it is frequently combined with other therapies such as music therapy.
  • Aura Cleansing - Aura therapy manipulates the aura energy to bring it back into balance. The aura surrounds and interpenetrates our body. Everything that happens to us, including our feelings and our physical state, is reflected in our aura. The aura is constantly influenced by our surroundings and by everything it happens to us. This reality can debilitate the aura and drop our energy levels leaving us vulnerable. We use relaxation with aromatherapy, meditation, lights and colors and other techniques and resources to cleanse and bring every layer of the aura into balance.
  • Chakra Therapy - This therapy is aimed at activating and balancing the 7 main chakras in the human body. We raise the level of the individual through meditation and visualization and then, using crystals, colors and/or other techniques we try to restore the energy flow on each chakra. This process will reconnect the energy fields throughout the body.
  • Chromotherapy - An ancient alternative treatment that uses color and light to treat physical disorders. It is frequently used in conjunction with other alternative therapies such as crystal healing and relaxation. This therapy uses the vibrational frequency of the appropriate color(s) to bring the energy system back into balance.
  • Crystal Therapy - Crystals vibrate at different frequencies depending on their color and composition. A healer takes advantage of these properties to unblock and balance the energy system of an individual. Each crystal healing session is different since it is customized based on how the individual’s energy system responds, the person’s needs and his/her health state.
  • Energy Healing - Especially designed to achieve balance and to find the harmonic point in the energy system of the person for his/her well being.
  • Herbs and flowers bath for Cleansing and harmonization


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