About TAFE - Holistic Wellness Center

TAFE Holistic Wellness Center was conceptualized and created after years of careful planning and preparations by Elena Gonzalez, medical doctor in Venezuela. Elena’s vision was to create a special center dedicated to helping individuals achieve their potential health state at every level –physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually- while helping the World making the transition through current difficult times into higher stages of evolution and a brighter future.

In order to effectively help the “individual as a whole” she realized that it was necessary to create four different divisions, each one run by specialized personnel with a different set of skills and knowledge. The staff of each division would need to focus on specific issues while understanding the close relation and impact they have on the other ones and how their actions can help or affect what other divisions are trying to achieve on the “individual as a whole”.

Elena also realized the importance of helping current and new generations understand their role on this new era, which creates an urgent need of classes, work sessions and other events to teach humans to look at themselves as energy beings and to make them aware of the available tools we have to prosper and evolve. As a result each division has among its objectives the organization of events to teach specific skills to those who want to improve, or just explore, the unlimited possibilities of this World when it is understood and approached through an energy perspective.

These four divisions are as follows:

Please join us through this wonderful journey! TAFE Holistic Wellness Center invites you to browse through our website, to contact us and come in and visit while learning and helping you, and humanity, move forward. Please come back soon since we make every effort to add information continuously.


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