Holistic Services

Our holistic services address the individual as a whole, considering the oneness of body, mind, and soul. Whenever an imbalance between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies occurs, an “illness” manifests. Traditional medicine looks for a “cure” suppressing the symptoms at a physical level. “Healing” is, on the other hand, an ongoing process in which the individual, the “healee”, works to achieve its balance at all levels. The “healer” is only a “facilitator” of the process.

Finally, since the individual is highly influenced by its surroundings, TAFE offers holistic services designed to bring energy balance and harmony into the environment in which he/she works and lives.

TAFE Holistic services include, not limited to:

  • Energy Therapies - Aromatherapy, Aura and Chakra Clearing, Chromo Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing and others
  • Energy Work Sessions - Dowsing, Co-Creation, Holistic Living, Family Herbalism
  • Feng Shui
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Individualized Guided Meditation
  • Life and spiritual coaching

Call us at (407) 748-7606 or at (407) 552-1551 to find out about the details of our Holisitc Services or send us an e-mail at info@TAFEHolisticCenter.com and we will contact you back soon.


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