Dowsing or Radiesthesia

Dowsing is the ancient the art of feeling, measuring and transforming the energy vibrations emanating from both ourselves and the environment around us. Dowsing is also used as a means of communicating with our inner self, who is in constant communication with the Higher Self, Universal Consciousness, God or whatever name you want to use.

Quantum physics has proven that "everything in the universe," including the human body, is made up of energy. Energy vibrates, and the speed at which energy particles vibrate determines how solid the matter is. Our thoughts, emotions and our aura are also made up of energy. Energy vibration can be perceived and manipulated through dowsing. In a very general and rather simplistic explanation, we can say that if the rate of vibration determines the solidity of matter, transforming the energy also transforms matter. Using this principle physical, mental, energy and emotional disorders are treated.

Some dowsers manage to perceive energy directly without using any instrument or dowsing tool. However, most people need to use some physical instrument. There are many available dowsing tools including:

  • Dowsing rods or “L” rods
  • Dowsing stick or “Y” Rod
  • Pendulum
  • Bobber

From these tools the two most known might be the “L” rods and the pendulum.

Dowsing Rods or L Rods in Orlando, FloridaThe “L” rods receive their name because they are shaped like an "L". The rods must be grabbed by the shortest section, which rotates freely within a tubular base. This freedom of movement allows the dowser to hold the rods which then point to the place toward which the dowser should go. If the dowsing rods are used to ask “YES” or “NO” questions, the rods will move in a predetermined manner depending on if the answer is a "YES" or a "NO”.

Crystal Pendulum for Sale by TAFE in Orlando FloridaThe pendulum consists of an object hanging from a chain about 6" long and should be held between two fingers allowing it to move freely. Crystals are frequently used on pendulums due to their vibrational frequency and their healing properties. How the pendulum moves to show a "Yes" or a "No" response can vary from person to person and from one pendulum to another one. TAFE offers a wide selection of high quality dowsing pendulums for sale at very affordable prices. Our pendulums have been carefully selected and cleansed before shipped so you can rest assured that they have no negative energies from other people, or from Earth traumatic events that happened along their existence.

Although dowsing is best known for its use in searching for water, this ancient technique has many applications in our daily life. Among the many applications for dowsing are:

  • To get answers to "YES" or "NO" questions. Although both pendulums and dowsing rods can be used for this purpose, pendulums are the most commonly used for this application. The quality of the answers would depend on how precise and well formulated the questions are.
  • To find lost objects. In this case the dowsing rods are the most appropriate if we are physically within the area where the object is located. For example, a house. This is the technique commonly used by water dowsers. If instead the lost object is in a remote place, we can use a pendulum over a map. This technique is called “map dowsing”.
  • To clean unwanted energies in a physical space
  • To raise the vibrational frequency of a space
  • To identify and measure the aura of a living thing
  • To balance a person’s chakras
  • To clean the aura and clear energy blockages

Dowsing can be used in people, animals, our planet and even on non-living things. Anyone can learn this art. The accuracy of the dowsing sessions will basically depend on the person’s attitude towards the world and the beings that inhabit it, on his or her desire to obtain the correct answer and practice.

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