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TAFE International Group brings its Holistic Wellness Center concept to Orlando, in Central Florida. This Holistic Wellness Center offers a unique set of products, services, tools and facilities specifically designed to highly improve the quality of life of everyone who understands that everything is energy and that health is achieved through the perfect balance of all dimensions of the human being: mind, body and soul, while living in harmony with its environment.

On this regards, our Holistic Wellness Center has been organized into four distinctive divisions that, at the same time, are intrinsically interconnected and interdependent, given that no dimension of the human being can be “isolated” from each other.

Energy Field


TAFE Energy – Offers multiple and rich energy resources to help individuals achieve their physical, mental and spirtitual balance. Among the available resources are holistic services, holistic workshops, tools and accessories to help participants live in harmony with themselves, their immediate environment and with the universe. This division works closely with each other division, since energy is the key to achieve balance at every level.

Holistic Fitness


TAFE Sport - Created to help connect your mind, body and soul, through a customized wellness physical program which may include a holistic nutrition program, personalized training sessions and energy sessions such as chromotherapy.


Holistic artTAFE Art – Energy is in everything around us, and the way it is incorporated, consciously or unconsciously, into the design of the things we use in our daily lives can either promote or hinder growth. TAFE Art understands this principle and makes sure to use the positive flow of energy into:

  • Paintings and home/office accessories that will enhance the energy flow of your living and working spaces
  • Websites, business cards and letterheads using Feng Shui principles to maximize the odds of business success
  • Beautiful pieces of jewelry to provide energy protection to those who use them



Energy or Holistic Field TripsTAFE Bitacora – Offers services to both individuals and corporations organizing field trips and workshops within natural settings rich in positive energy that allow participants to deeply integrate with the environment, maximizing positive energy exchange while promoting personal and spiritual growth.



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