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Elena Gonzalez

Elena Gonzalez obtained her Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in Venezuela and became a surgeon. She later specialized in Internal Medicine and became passionate about sports medicine, devoting a lot of her practice to help athletes achieve their maximum physical health without using invasive procedures. Elena is also a Surgeon Physician in Spain where, she is highly sought by professional players of the international most recognized soccer teams. Other certificates in this area include:

  • Energy Healer and Fitness trainer Elena GonzalezIntroduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Intravenous Nutrition
  • Occupational Therapy

Her search for better and more natural healing treatments lead her to Oriental Medicine, field in which she obtained multiple certificates including:

  • Clinical Acupuncture in General Conditions
  • Clinical Acupuncture in Men Genitourinary Disorders
  • Pain Therapy through Acupuncture and Laser
  • Digitopuncture

She has developed her own Pain Therapy techniques and her acupuncture degree has international recognition.

Understanding the major problem our society has with obesity Elena Gonzalez decided to look for new venues to help individual of all ages facing this issue. In this regard, she became a “Childhood Obesity Specialist” and a “Sports nutritionist” designing innovative programs that are also applied by both obese people and athletes of all ages. She has been a “Health Club Manager”, an “Aerobics Instructor" and " Personal Trainer”. Elena’s certificates on this area include:

  • Clinical Nutrition and Food Safety
  • Theory and Practical Workshop about Nutritional Support

While studying Oriental Medicine Elena learned about other alernative healing methods used by ancient cultures and decided to explore this field. While doing so she discovered how powerful those techniques are and the immense benefit humanity could obtain from them. It was then when she started working to create her dream: a "Holistic Wellness Center". Among the certificates Elena has in this area are:

  • Doctor of religious Science
  • Master Reiki
  • Reiki Universal Teacher
  • Doctor of Metaphysics
  • Doctor of Divinity
  • Energy Healing
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Healing Arts
  • Feng Shui
  • Energy Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Candles


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